Ammoniacal Colloidal Silica/Silica Sol

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Ammoniacal Colloidal Silica/Silica Sol

Ammoniacal Colloidal silica/silica sol is a low density, colloidal silica used as a filler in coating applications. It has negative surface charge and is stabilized with ammonium hydroxide. It has low sodium level, an overall negative particle charge, good binding strength and stability in most applications. 
Product application: catalyst support, high gloss photo paper.
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Product Series

Model No.

Main technical parameters

Areas of application



Particle size (nm)

Solid content (%)


Sodium ion content (%)


Ammonium silica sol




Ammonium ion


1.Catalyst carrier

2.Alumina fibre

3.High-gloss photo paper

4.High-grade refractory material

Ammonium silica sol




Ammonium ion



Ammonium silica sol




Ammonium ion



Ammonium silica sol




Ammonium ion



Ammonium silica sol




Ammonium ion



For different needs, the company can provide customised ammonium silica sol as follows

① Particle size: 5-110nm; ② SiO2%: 10-40; ③ Sodium content can be controlled; ④ Impurity anion content can be controlled.


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More Information About Ammoniacal Silica Sol

What is the ammoniacal colloidal silica?

Ammoniacal colloidal silica, also known as silica sol, is a stable suspension of very small silica particles in water, with a typical particle size range of 1 to 100 nanometers. The term "ammoniacal" refers to the use of ammonia as a stabilizing agent for the silica particles.
Silica sol is widely used in various industrial applications, including as a binder or coating for catalysts, as a polishing agent for optical surfaces, as a filler for composite materials, and as a reinforcement for rubber and plastics.
The properties of silica sol depend on the size and concentration of the silica particles in the suspension. Smaller particles generally provide higher surface area and better dispersibility, while higher concentrations lead to thicker coatings and stronger reinforcement effects.
Ammoniacal colloidal silica can be prepared by various methods, including the Stöber method, the reverse micelle method, and the sol-gel process. Each method can produce silica sols with different properties, such as particle size, surface charge, and stability.
Overall, ammoniacal colloidal silica is a versatile and useful material that finds applications in many different fields due to its unique properties and ease of use.

Here are some common uses of ammoniacal colloidal silica:

1.Coatings and Adhesives: Ammoniacal colloidal silica is often used as a binder in coatings and adhesives due to its ability to provide excellent adhesion and durability.
2.Catalyst Support: Silica sol can be used as a support for catalysts in chemical reactions due to its high surface area and ability to stabilize metal nanoparticles.
3.Polishing and Abrasives: Ammoniacal colloidal silica is used as an abrasive in polishing applications due to its high hardness and ability to produce a fine, uniform finish.
4.Binders for Ceramics: Silica sol is used as a binder for ceramics due to its ability to form strong, stable bonds with ceramic particles and other materials.
5.Paper and Textiles: Ammoniacal colloidal silica is used as a paper and textile coating due to its ability to improve surface smoothness, ink absorption, and dye uptake.
Overall, ammoniacal colloidal silica has a wide range of uses across various industries due to its unique properties, stability, and versatility.