Colloidal silica/Silica Sol with Large Particle Size

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Colloidal silica/Silica Sol with Large Particle Size

Colloidal silica/Silica sol is a kind of colloid which is formed by nm-grade particles SiO2, dispersed in water. It is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic and its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2·nH2O.
1. The colloid particles are minute, and the particle size can be controlled according to customers' requirements.
2. Colloidal silica/Silica sol has relatively large specific surface area, and high heat-resisting performance (1500-1600"C).
3. With low viscosity, it can soak the places where water soaks; therefore, it presents excellent dispersion and permeability.
4. When the moisture contained in silica sol is evaporated, the colloid grains firmly adhere to the material surface and the combination of silicon and oxygen is then formed between grains. It is a good adhesive.
Product application: ceramics, sapphire polishing, gallium arsenide, silicon wafer polishing, cement curing agent, refractory materials, etc.
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Sequence Number Product Series Product Model Particle Size (nm) SiO₂Content(wt%) PH Na(ppm) Iscosity
(20℃, mpa.s)
Shelf Hfe (month)
1 Large Particle Size JN20-40/1 18~22 40±1 9.5~10.5 <400 ≤10 12
2 Large Particle Size JN40-40/1 38~42 40±1 9.5~10.5 <400 ≤10 12
3 Large Particle Size JN60-40/1 55~65 40±1 9.5~10.5 <300 ≤10 12
4 Large Particle Size JN80-40/1 70~90 40±1 9.5~10.5 <200 ≤10 12
5 Large Particle Size JN90-40/1 80~100 40±1 9.5~10.5 <200 ≤10 12
6 Large Particle Size JN100-40/1 90~110 40±1 9.5~10.5 <200 ≤10 12
7 Large Particle Size JN110-40/1 100~110 40±1 9.5~10.5 <200 ≤10 12


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Industry Information Extension

More Information About Colloidal silica with Large Particle Size

Colloidal silica, also known as silica sol, is a stable suspension of fine silica particles in water. The particle size of colloidal silica can vary widely depending on the manufacturing process and intended application. Typically, colloidal silica particles range in size from a few nanometers to a few hundred nanometers.
However, if the colloidal silica particles have a large particle size, this can have significant impacts on their properties and potential uses.

Here are some possible effects of large particle size on colloidal silica:

Reduced surface area: As the particle size increases, the surface area per unit volume of colloidal silica decreases. This can affect the reactivity of the silica particles in applications such as catalysis or as a filler in composites.
Increased settling rate: Larger particles are more likely to settle out of a suspension due to gravitational forces. This can lead to difficulties in processing and handling colloidal silica with large particle sizes.
Reduced transparency: Colloidal silica is often used as a transparent coating or binder. However, larger particles can scatter light more effectively, reducing the transparency of the resulting material.
Improved mechanical properties: Larger silica particles can improve the mechanical strength and stiffness of materials when used as a filler. This can be beneficial in applications such as composites or coatings.
In summary, the effects of large particle size on colloidal silica depend on the intended use of the material. While larger particles may have drawbacks in some applications, they can also provide advantages in others.
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